21Grand Casino Loyalty bonuses

Entering the 21Grand Casino Loyalty Club promises to be a memorable experience for both casual and savvy players. That’s because the benefits associated to VIP membership are scalable and meet the expectations of players from all walks of life. One doesn’t have to be a highroller to enjoy these perks and the road to the top is just as enjoyable as the destination. Centered on the ever popular comp points, the loyalty scheme uses them as building blocks for a truly amazing program.

21Grand loyalty points are not elusive promises, but easy to collect perks that require minimal effort. Since the casino came around, it used comp points to reward players who bet real currency on any of the games they offer. They can be converted at any point into real cash and the best part is that the money resulting from the conversion of comp points is free from wagering requirements. Players can withdraw the entire amount, transfer is to another casino section or use it to buy in various tournaments.

21Grand Casino – Loyalty bonus points

The 21Grand Casino Loyalty Club is open to all players from day one, but it can take a while to reach the very top. Its unique structure enables players to match all their deposits for as much as €2000 and the money can be used on hundreds of different games. Powered by Rival software, they can be played on mobile devices and players qualify for all existing bonuses regardless of the gadget preferred. Regular players benefit from fast and reliable payment methods but withdrawals are further sped up for VIPs.

The size of the 21Grand Casino Loyalty Bonus is indissolubly linked to the player’s status and there are even differences between VIP members. Comp points are awarded in a way that is straightforward and rewards players each time they play regardless of how much money they wager. The conversion rate begins at 1000 comp points for one Euro but gets better for the ones at the top of the VIP scheme. To put things into perspective, they can get as much as five times more cash points if they climb all the way up to the Presidential Suite level.