Dogs Slot

Dogs are man’s best friend. They protect you from harm and give you comfort when you feel sad and lonely. Anyone who loves dogs can truly appreciate a slot game that has any kind of dog in it.

There’s no shortage of dog themed online casino games. For dog lovers this is a very good thing. High 5 games has joined in the fun and created Dogs Slot. High 5’s cutest dog themed slot game is filled with photos of different kinds of dogs from pugs to Siberian Huskies. It is very colorful and has an old school slot machine feel to it that some online casino gamers love.

The Basics

The game has 5 reels and 30 available pay-lines. This may be less than other more modern slot games but the symbols of different dogs more than make up for it. The Minimum bet is 0.3. However, you can adjust your bet manually using the up and down buttons. Maximum bet is also available for players who want to win big.

You can also play Dogs Slot using the auto play feature which lets you spin the reels automatically without the need to press spin.

The Special Symbols

When you play Dogs Slot you will encounter different symbols like paw prints and the word DOGS written in capital letters. In this game paw prints represent the scatter symbol which can win you additional credits. 2 or more scatter symbols wins you a prize.

The DOGS symbol represents the Wild which can let you win more. The wild symbol can take the place of any symbol except the scatter symbol.

Some symbols contain 2 pictures of dogs while others only have 1. When they appear together in a single spin you’ll get a combination that’s equal to having 3 of the same symbol in one spin. To illustrate if you get 1 symbol of a pug in the1st reel and a picture of 2 pugs in the reel beside it, you get the same prize as having 3 pugs in 3 different reels.

Having 3 or more of the same letters also merits you a prize.



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