21Grand Keno

If you love Lotto, why don’t you try playing 21Grand’s Keno game? Once you enter the game, the feeling is like you’re playing the traditional Lotto game. With its simplified interface, one can easily understand the game’s mechanics. 21Grand Casino Keno game is one of the hottest specialty games offered by 21Grand Casino. For information on downloading the games, click here.

Why should you play Keno?

Playing Keno is very easy. Keno is a virtual board game and your job is to predict which 20 numbers will be drawn by the software. The numbers are arranged sequentially from 1-80. The results are randomly drawn and the payout depends on how many numbers you selected. The payout table is shown on the left side of the game’s interface. Get up to 95% payout ratio when you win the game!

You have the three options when you play Keno. You can play once, five times or ten times and you can wager from 1 to 25. There are no skills required to play this game as Keno is all about a game of luck. You rely on the software’s choices and because the results are randomly chosen, all you have to do is to keep your fingers crossed and hope that your chosen numbers will be drawn. This an exciting treat for our 21Grand players out there.

On the brighter side, 21Grand Keno game gives you the thrill and excitement at the same time. Aside from Keno, 21Grand Casino offers a full range of specialty games featuring the classics and all-time favorites loved by all generations. We offer Bingo, scratch cards and even Sudoku! These games offer instant cash prizes. Specialty games are easy to learn and play that’s why online players love these kind of games. 21Grand Casino walks an extra mile to give its players the most rewarding casino games in the industry.



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